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Since 1958 Marvel's Florist has been providing trusted service to the Killeen and Fort Hood, Texas area. We are here to help you, our valued customers, express your sentiments and emotions with flowers and gifts. Our passion is floral creativity. Let Marvel's awaken your imagination and make it reality. Here your floral dreams come to life. We begin each and every process with an attitude of all things are possible if you believe. The results speak for themselves. From flowers for the largest of corporate events and weddings, to the most intimate gatherings of friends and family, or to just simply "thinking of you”, our flowers are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. Our talented designers will exceed your visions and dreams every time.

Valentine's Day Flowers Killeen

Valentine's Day Flowers delivered in Killeen TX


Valentine's Day is an occasion to openly express love to your significant other and what better way to do that than with fresh flowers! Every years Killeen TX lovers use flowers as a means to convey their feelings for their Valentine. Of all the flowers used on Valentine's Day the most widely used is the Red Rose because this flower has been traditionally recognized as the symbol of true love and passion. A single long stem red rose surrounded with babies breath is considered to be a "Signature Rose" by most women and is one of the most sought after flowers by the Best Flower Shop in Killeen TXMarvel's Florist of Valentine's Day.


Other flowers that are popular on the occasion of Valentine's day are tulips, iris, stargazer lilies, carnations and calla lilies. These flowers lend themselves to use in mixed bouquets which many people find attractive and pleasing to the senses when professionally arranged by a florist. Most flower lovers try to avoid silk or artificial flowers. It is said that fresh flowers express the genuine feelings of love toward the recipient. No wonder florists across the country do a booming business around February 14th each year on Valentine's Day.


The Origin of Roses as a Valentine's Day Flower

according to popular legends, the red roses is considered to be a favorite flower of Venus - the roman mythological Goddes of Love and Beauty. Thus the redd rose came to be associated with love and romance. Historians believe that the tradition of giving red roses on Valentine's Day became popular in the 1700's when Charles II of sweden introduced the Persian custom of "the language of flowers" to europe. Books giving details about the meanings of flowers were published which demonstrated to people how entire cinversations could be carried on just using flowers to express emotions and sentiments. Poets and romantics at heart also ulogized the red rose as a symbol of passion and love and beauty. that helped create a strong association of love with the red rose and Valentine's Day.


Meaning of different Colors of Roses

Red Rose - Love and passion

White Roses - True love, purity of the mind and reverence

Yellow Roses - Friendship, celebration and joy

Pink Roses - Perfect hapiness, sweetheart, admiration

Peach Roses - desire and excitement or appreciation

Purple Roses - Love at first sight and enchantment

Coral Roses - Desire

Bouquet of Red and Yellow Roses - Happiness and celebrations

Bouquet of Red and White Roses - Bonding and harmony

Bouquet of Yellow and Orange Roses - Passion


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Traditionally a bouquet of a dozen red roses arranged in a vase is considered to be ideal and a romantic Valentine's Day Gift. You could, however, try to be a little more romantic and creative in your gift selection by adding plush animals, a box of chocolates or mylar balloons. Besides ribbons, hearts, and toys can create more interest to your gift for your beloved and enhance the natural beauty of your flower bouquet. Your proffesional florist is here to help you pick out flowers that will help you express your emotions to your loved one. Because Valentine's day comes close to the end of winter, there are a multitude of spring flowers such as tulips, lilies, carnations and more to enlarge your bouquet so that it will silently speak in a large volumn for you!


Women shouldn't feel that it is their sole right to recieve flowers and plants for Valentine's Day. Studies show that while men will  outwardly show it, they really do appreciate a gift of fresh flowers for a Valentine's Day Gift. It has been noticed that men in particular are more attrected to combinations of crisp colors like red, orange and yellow. A blooming plant is also a great gift for a man at Valentine's Day!

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