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Since 1958 Marvel's Florist has been providing trusted service to the Killeen and Fort Hood, Texas area. We are here to help you, our valued customers, express your sentiments and emotions with flowers and gifts. Our passion is floral creativity. Let Marvel's awaken your imagination and make it reality. Here your floral dreams come to life. We begin each and every process with an attitude of all things are possible if you believe. The results speak for themselves. From flowers for the largest of corporate events and weddings, to the most intimate gatherings of friends and family, or to just simply "thinking of you”, our flowers are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. Our talented designers will exceed your visions and dreams every time.

Flower Guide For Sending Mothers Day Flowers in Killeen TX

Sending Mothers Day flowers is as natural as picking up the phone on Mom's special day and saying "thanks!" for all that she does. This year, make the tradition extra meaningful by sending her Mother's Day flowers that symbolize the wonderful woman she is. From classy and elegant orchids to bright and cheery sunflowers, different flowers have different meanings and symbolism – so you can send Mom a message that's just right for her. Sending Mother's Day flowers in Killeen and Ft. Hood TX,  Marvels Flowers, your local florist are always guaranteed. View our Mother's Day Flowers here.


  • Hold many meanings and were historically associated with wealth, love and beauty. Orchids date back centuries and have captivated many throughout the ages with their simple stems and exquisite petals. In Victorian England, orchids were a symbol of luxury, while in ancient China orchids were believed to hold healing powers for those with lung illness and coughs. Today, orchids are regarded as elegant gifts for just about any occasion, including Mother's Day. More than 25,000 different varieties exist, including the popular Cymbidium, Phalaneopsis, Dendrobium and Vanilla Orchid varieties. Orchid plants produce only a few flowers each year but their blooms last for many weeks.


  • The meaning of red roses may be familiar to most, but the symbolism behind its colored cousins is less known. While red roses traditionally represent romantic love, pink roses convey a message of admiration and gratitude, making them an ideal choice for many celebrations, and, of course, for sending Mother's Day flowers. Within the pink rose family, different shades hold different meanings.  symbolize thanks and appreciation, while  can signal admiration and gentleness and may also be sent as expressions of sympathy. Dark pink roses, light pink roses
  • While the symbolism of pink roses makes them a wonderful choice for sending Mother's Day flowers, they are far from alone in the honor. With their bright and cheery petals, yellow roses are a symbol of joy and happiness, while white roses signify honor and reverence.


  • In the wild or in gardens, irises are like old friends, faithfully reappearing each year after a long cold winter. While familiar to most in their cornflower blue variety, irises can also be white or yellow. Elegant and simple,symbolizes faith, hope and wisdom. Few flowers could be more appropriate for Mother's Day.


  • With their large open faces, sunflowers resemble the sun and follow it too. Each day these cheery plants turn their faces to the sun, making them a favorite of those who love the outdoors and nature. Sunflowers traditionally represent warmth, but they often symbolize longevity and loyalty.


  • Simple, yet pretty, gerbera daisies symbolize innocence and purity and are a classic symbol of beauty. Growing in a rainbow of colors, gerbera daisies also send a message of cheerfulness, owing in part to their range of bright colors.


  • Tulips with their multitude of colors and their signature, simple blooms, are easily one of the most recognizable flowers in the world. Many consider them "just right" flowers – perfect for Mother's Day or just about any occasion. Tulips are beautiful yet not overly romantic, and their meaning is often associated with love, particularly red tulips. Purple tulips are said to symbolize royalty while yellow tulips are synonymous with good cheer and joy.

Potted Plants:

  • No less beautiful than cut floral arrangements, potted plants come in attractive evergreen varieties such as the bonsai trees, or as flowering plants. From colorful roses and hydrangeas to fragrant Lily of the Valley bulb gardens to potted azaleas, potted plants serve as a reminder of your affection long after your occasion has passed.
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