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Since 1958 Marvels Florist has been providing trusted service to the Killeen and Fort Hood, Texas area. We are here to help you, our valued customers, express your sentiments and emotions with flowers and gifts. Our passion is floral creativity. Let Marvels awaken your imagination and make it reality. Here your floral dreams come to life. We begin each and every process with an attitude of all things are possible if you believe. The results speak for themselves. From flowers for the largest of corporate events and weddings, to the most intimate gatherings of friends and family, or to just simply "thinking of you”, our flowers are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. Our talented designers will exceed your visions and dreams every time.

Having Flowers Delivered To Your New Sweetheart: A Complete Guide

Posted by Marvel's Florist on 17th Apr 2017

One of the most difficult things to figure out when you begin dating someone new is just how fast you should go. On one hand, you want to show that you’re interested. After all, she is a great woman and you don’t want to lose her to another guy because you were too stand-offish. On the other hand, you know for a fact (perhaps from past experience) that a clingy man isn’t really what most women are looking to find. While we understand your confusion, we also have a little bit of advice. If you have been on a couple of dates and things to be going well, there is absolutely no harm that can be done by sending her a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Having flowers delivered to her home or office is sure to put a smile on her face and show her that you truly are interested in seeing where things are going to go with the two of you. Keeping this in mind, let’s talk specifics so that you can get every aspect of this lovely gesture completely right.

Why Should You Have Flowers Delivered?

Plain and simple, sending flowers will show her that you care for her. Any man who is even remotely interested in a woman knows that having flowers delivered to her is an easy way to make her happy, not to mention you’re likely to become a pretty serious love interest if you’re willing to go to all of this trouble from the get-go.

When Should You Have Flowers Delivered?

There are plenty of times that you can send flowers to a woman such a her birthday, holidays or perhaps the anniversary of your first date once you are a couple of months in. On the other hand, it has to be said that there is absolutely no bad time to send flowers to a woman. If she’s having a good day, send her flowers. If she’s having a terrible day, send her flowers. The truth is, having flowers delivered to you is never a bad thing.

Choosing The Right Flowers For Delivery

Depending on the occasion, the type of flowers you have delivered to your honey may vary. For the sake of keeping things extra romantic, however, we are going to assume you are sending her a floral arrangement just because you cannot seem to get her out of your head. If you find yourself daydreaming about her laugh or the way she glances at you from across the room as you sit in your office at work, we have just the right arrangement for you to send to her. Our Pink Rose Bouquet is lovely, feminine and beautiful just like that special lady in your life. Have our flower delivery service bring them to her today.

Where Should You Have The Flowers Delivered?

Choosing where to have your flowers delivered can also be quite difficult. For instance, do you send them to her office where all of her coworkers are sure to see them and comment on how jealous they are that they don’t have someone like you to who sends them flowers? Conversely, do you send them to her home so that when she gets in that night, she has an amazing surprise waiting for her? This truly depends on the lady in your life. If you know she doesn’t like being the center of attention, sending them to her place of work may not be the best idea. However, if you know you are sure to make her blush in a good way by sending them in the middle of the day to her office, take the leap.

Including The Right Note With Your Flower Delivery

Ah, the note. This is probably the hardest aspect of having flowers delivered to your new love. If we’re being honest, the simpler, the better. There is no need for you to write an epic poem when you can get the point across with a few simple words that have been strung together. We would suggest including a sweet note like “ Can’t stop thinking about you,” or “ Looking forward to spending even more time with you”. This short and sweet types of notes work in perfect unison with a beautiful floral arrangement to show her just how much she means to you.

Place An Order For Flower Delivery Now

We’re really hoping this little bit of information has helped you to narrow down a plan of action regarding sending your new love interest some flowers. As we mentioned above, people are never upset to have received a floral arrangement. Therefore, don’t worry too much. Our flower delivery services at Marvel’s Florist are fast and dependable. Place your order today and see just how happy she is to have you in her life in no time at all.