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Since 1958 Marvel's Florist has been providing trusted service to the Killeen and Fort Hood, Texas area. We are here to help you, our valued customers, express your sentiments and emotions with flowers and gifts. Our passion is floral creativity. Let Marvel's awaken your imagination and make it reality. Here your floral dreams come to life. We begin each and every process with an attitude of all things are possible if you believe. The results speak for themselves. From flowers for the largest of corporate events and weddings, to the most intimate gatherings of friends and family, or to just simply "thinking of you”, our flowers are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. Our talented designers will exceed your visions and dreams every time.

Choosing The Perfect Flowers For Your Winter Wedding

Choosing The Perfect Flowers For Your Winter Wedding

Posted by Marvel's Florist on 15th Aug 2017

When you think of wedding season, it’s likely that you imagine an outdoor ceremony in either the spring or the summer. Sure, plenty of couples choose these seasons to invite their family and friends to come watch them get hitched, but not every couple. If you and your sweetheart have decided to tie the knot in the coming winter, we are so excited for you! We would also like to offer our expertise when it comes to wedding flowers. So let’s start from the beginning.

What’s the Big Deal with Wedding Flowers?

It’s pretty infrequent that anyone attends a wedding where flowers aren’t present. From the bouquets that the bridal party carries and the flower petals the flower girl tosses down the aisle on her way to the altar to the gorgeous floral centerpieces that are placed on each table at the wedding reception, flowers are a key component to the perfect wedding. This is because of what flowers represent. They symbolize beauty and new life, both things that are extreme focuses when two people decide to join theirs into one.

The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is an extremely important matter as it is a focal point of the wedding ceremony. After all, all eyes will be on the bride and this is the bouquet she will be carrying. Many times, bridal bouquets will follow the shape of the wedding dress. A big princess-like dress may require a bridal bouquet filled with full blooms like white roses or peonies. On the other hand, a flowy lace wedding dress may require a bouquet that cascades with flowers like lilies or daisies.

You may also choose for the bridal bouquet to mimic other floral arrangements that have been made for the wedding so that the aesthetic is standardized throughout the wedding. Whatever you choose, just be sure that you bridal bouquet doesn’t overshadow your dress.

Ceremony Flowers

When it comes to the flowers you use in the actual ceremony space, these are the flowers that can be a bit more conservative. Classic blooms that have beautiful scents are always a good choice as they will make your wedding venue feel and smell romantic.

Conversely, some brides prefer to ditch the classic wedding look altogether and opt instead to pick floral arrangements that are true to who they are as a couple. If you and your future spouse are an eclectic duo, maybe ditch the roses and replace them instead with bright blooms or even succulents.

Reception Flowers

If you are looking for a way to save some money, you may want to consider using the same flowers that were used in the ceremony at the reception as well. This is a great idea especially if your wedding ceremony and your reception are being held at the same venue.

You can also opt to have any entirely different look when it comes to your reception flowers. If you want the reception to change the mood from classically romantic to outstanding and fun, you can do this as well. Whatever flowers you choose, just make sure you choose ones that you and your significant other will love to see in your wedding photos for years to come.

Need Help Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding?

If you are in need of a florist to help you find the perfect flowers for your wedding, stop into Marvel’s Florist in Killeen today. We can help you to find exactly what you are looking for, even if you don’t know what that is. Contact us today for more information! We cannot wait to make your special day even more perfect!